Tuesday, Feb. 2nd is World Wetlands Day, but the Fluvarium is celebrating a few days earlier!

On Saturday, Jan. 30th, kids bring some adults who are still kids at heart and join us as we mark the importance of this valuable natural resource through enlightening talks, hands on demonstrations and creative crafts!

Each hour, our experienced environmental educator will thrill you with …

  • An investigation into some of the invertebrates (bugs) found in the freshwater world of our province! Dragonflies start their life in freshwater???
  • An ‘amazing’ amphibian talk! What do you mean; a green frog can be blue??? 
  • Craft table! Make your own ‘toilet paper roll Green Frog! 
  • Play “Wetland Trivia,” testing your knowledge of Newfoundland Freshwater Ecosystems. Beavers can hold their breath for 10 minutes under the water!!! 
  • And most importantly, peer into the winter waters of Nagles Hill Brook, observing brown trout in this pristine natural wetland!





*The Fluvarium is open to the public. Regular admission rates apply. No extra cost to participate in activities.