There is so much to learn and discover at our centre !

Spend hours admiring our scaly and webbed foot friends to looking under the microscope at wonders found in our wetlands and don’t forget to join our educators daily at feeding time !

Through out the year the Fluvarium is host to monthly and annual events. During these events we have crafts and activities for children, a night out for adults with music and drinks, bug & amphibian talks, scavenger hunts, story time and more.

Fish & Amphibians

From the lowest level of the Fluvarium look back up into the deep pool standing alongside the building and watch as the brown trout swim by. You will also find a number of aquariums containing species of typical freshwater fish and amphibians from around Newfoundland and Labrador.

Water Exhibits

Delve into the world of water and examine the plants and animals that depend on it through our interactive second level exhibits on river ecology, including the fascinating marine life in stream riffles and shallow pools, and games for kids to enjoy.

Learn why all living things are dependent on water to survive and thrive. Visit our water monitoring exhibits to learn what we can do to keep our water safe and clean. Explore tiny water molecules in a big way and learn about how water has shaped our past, present and future.

Busy Beaver Lodge

Play in the Busy Beaver river water table. Build dams and bridges with legos, learn how structures effect the flow of water streams.


Get up close and personal with the little things that are an integral part of our aquatic environment. Discover the creatures of all sizes that live in and interact with our native wetlands. Explore the watersheds in City of St. John’s. View of Nagle’s Hill Brook which showcases a fish ladder that allows fish to move freely in and out of the stream flowing past The Fluvarium.

Feeding Time

Join our education managers at the lowest level of the Fluvarium daily to experience how and what we feed the frogs and fish! We talk some fun facts about each one of our scaly and webbed foot friends.   This is a favourite of many of our young visitors!


Find fun bug toss games on the second level of our centre!


Purchase a bag of duck food at our front desk and take a walk down the park trail to feed the ducks that are typically gathered in the pond.