Friends of Freshwater Habitats

This series of programs focuses on how we affect and can help protect the watersheds we live in. Through age-appropriate activities and visiting our Fluvarium animals, youth discover how they can become water stewards in their own community. Groups will visit the river, pond or marsh outside when the weather is good (and the sun is up!).

All programs can be adapted for any season and can include outdoor and indoor components. Earn a special Friends of Freshwater Habitats badge for participating and committing to take action to help our freshwater habitats. Cost for the program is $6 for youth, supervisors are complimentary. Badges can be purchased for The Friends of Freshwater Habitats program for $1.25 for youth and $2 for supervisors.

Share and Be a Freshwater Friend (Ages 5-6)

Explore the plant and animal life in a watershed to understand how the watershed is a great home. Figure out what the difference is between freshwater, saltwater and clean water. How are we connected to the water?

Lend a Hand to our Freshwater Community (Ages 7-8)

Explore the watershed and what animals rely on it, think about how we interact with wetlands. Discover the ways in which we can help our communities co-exist happily with the freshwater environment. What are some things we can do to lend a hand?

Be Prepared to Help Freshwater Habitats (Ages 9-11)

Explore how plants and animals depend on clean fresh water to survive. Build an imaginary community near a watershed and discover how we can live near water and still help protect it from pollution. How can we help make a difference?