Through education, advocacy and stewardship inspire the protection, conservation and enhancement of freshwater ecosystems.

The Fluvarium has a wide range of educational and interactive activities for youth of all ages designed to create curiosity and interest in the outdoors.

Its location and role as a natural environmental teaching resource is a powerful education, tourism and economic generator.

Our school programs take students on a field trip to the natural world. Students will participate in a journey of discovery in and around The Fluvarium to gain a firsthand understanding of plants, animals and the ecosystem they live in.

The program gives children and adults the opportunity to explore the world of the wild Atlantic Salmon, a species  that need clean rivers and streams to survive, and that migrates hundred of miles or more to sea.

This series of programs focuses on how we affect and can help protect the watersheds we live in. Through age-appropriate activities and visiting our Fluvarium animals, youth discover how they can become water stewards in their own community. Groups will visit the river, pond or marsh outside when the weather is good (and the sun is up!).

This program focuses on completing a Brownie or Guide badge in the Girl Guides of Canada program. Girls will cover the requirements for at least one badge and touch on other badge requirements.

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