Fish Friends is a highly acclaimed school program with an inspiring and adaptable curriculum geared to Grade 4, 5 and 6 students.

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) developed this program for use in Canada and the United States.

The program gives children and adults the opportunity to explore the world of the wild Atlantic Salmon, a species  that need clean rivers and streams to survive, and that migrates hundred of miles or more to sea.

Participating schools are supplied with incubating systems (tanks and incubators), where each winter the Fluvarium staff deliver 100 fertilized salmon eggs. The students then observe the beginnings of the life cycle of this beautiful fish, raising  it to the “fry” stage, before returning their baby salmon to the Fluvarium to be released into Rennies River, hopefully to return one day as adult fish!

The Fluvarium has been involved for over twenty years in Fish Friends, first as the east coast facilitator until 2010, then taking over the program when it was passed on the centre by ASF in 2011.

Salmon Association of Eastern Newfoundland source and deliver the salmon eggs to the Fluvarium each year.

Newfoundland Power is our corporate sponsor, whos financial assistance is crucial in keeping this program running.