Kids Club

Are YOU a Fluvarium Kid? You are if:SummerCamp2

You like being outdoors, games and crafts!

You love discovering new things about nature!

You want to help protect the water and wildlife around us!

You are friend to Frogs, Fish and Toads!

How to join the Fluvarium Kids Club:

Membership is Free with admission! Just sign up and receive your Passport at the front desk. Ask your adult to send us an email at today to be added to our email list. Receive e-updates about our monthly programs and special Youth and Family Events at the Fluvarium.

Fluvarium Kids – Weekend Explorers

  • Are 5–10 years old and join in on our programs with their adults and siblings. These run 1:30 – 2:15 every Saturday and Sunday from September to June with a new theme every month.
  • Earn a Freshwater Friend certificate for attending four different weekend programs in one year
  • Complimentary with admission.

Calendar of Program: 16/17 Themes

 Fluvarium Kids Club runs Every Saturday and Sunday at 1:30. The program repeats all month and changes each month to match the season. Sometimes we run special programming (Halloween, Spawning Festival, Solstice, etc) during this time slot instead of the usual Kids Club activities, but you will not be disappointed!

The standard program is complimentary with admission and includes a Story Game and Craft. The target audience is ages 5 – 10, however kids participate with their parents and younger siblings are always welcome to join in. Be prepared to go outside!

September 2015: Dabblers and Divers
It is the beginning of fall migration and a great time to discover ducks! Join us as we learn more about Dabblers and Divers how they all are getting ready for their long journey south.

October 2016: Animal Costumes
Many animals use camouflage and unique hiding places to stay safe from predators year round.  Some ever become brighter and prettier at special times of the year. Families will explore animals such as the caddis fly, hare, trout and frogs to find out what they ‘wear’ at Halloween.

November 2016: Fish Nests
Fish make nests?  It is spawning season at the Fluvarium!  Join us to discover how a trout builds a nest and find out how important the riffle area is to the trout!  You may even be lucky enough to see a female brown trout making a nest for her eggs.

December 2016: Giving Back
In this season of friends and family, how can we show that we care while respecting the Earth?  Families will discover ways to make their gift giving more green and how we can give back to the Earth during the holidays.

January 2017: Life Goes On
Join us to help prove that there are still lots of animals active and awake all winter long!  Once we know which animals are still near the stream, we can find ways to help make the winter months a little easier for them*!
* Please Bring a Clean and Dry Milk Carton or Plastic Bottle per child.

February 2017: Animal Tracks
Every foot print tells a story … what stories are being told around the Fluvarium this winter?  Help us find out what critters might be hiding in the woods and explore some mysterious tracking stories!

March 2017:  Hurry Up Spring!
What can we do to hurry up spring? This March Fluvarium Kids will make a drum and see if they can rush things along a little, move out of the wet cold winter and bring on the first signs of spring! Can we do it? It can’t hurt to try!
* Please Bring a Clean and Dry Tin Can per child.

 April 2017: Spring is Sprung
Explore how plants and animals need each other to live.  Discover how we are all connected in nature and how we can help make out own homes a bit friendlier for all the plants and critters around us!

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Fluvarium Kids club programs are free with admission.

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