The Fluvarium is an Environmental Education Centre for Newfoundland Labrador.Frog Students 1

As a community educational resource, the Fluvarium is a venue for individuals, families and school groups to be entertained while exploring the natural environment, discovering and learning about our water resources, taking this learning home and contributing to the sustainability of our environment.

We offer extensive and comprehensive environmental education programs for the students of Newfoundland Labrador.

These curriculum related programs, endorsed by the province’s Department of Education, provide a vital component of contemporary education. It is our belief that through educating “the next generation” we are making a significant contribution to the preservation of our environment – especially our water resources.

Programs include both indoor and outdoor components with extensive hands-on, interactive activities. Our environmental educators work hand in hand with educators to develop programs meeting the Specific Curriculum Outcomes of the Newfoundland Labrador Science Curriculum.

Our Education team — Robert “Bob”, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education, Tracy, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education, and Denise, Bachelor of Arts and Diploma in Applied Ethics: Environment– constantly review and revise our programs to create a memorable student experience!

The Grade Two students of Newtown Elementary visit the Fluvarium each year. We have found that the educational programs provided by the Fluvarium correspond directly with our science outcomes. The instructors are always friendly, well-informed, and inspirational. The children are engaged and learn things above and beyond the curriculum outcomes. We are always very pleased.

Elizabeth Burden & Gillian Pelley